Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer is busy. >.>

Heya, I just came back from China a few days ago. =] Great food over there. I miss it. Sorry I couldn't write blogs while I was there because blogger was blocked. -.-

7 days 'til George Mason. Isn't that exciting??? :D

Oh, Jacob mailed me a postcard while he was at Cornell. =]

I am spending my days memorizing SAT vocabs. -.- But most of the time I am procrastinating.

I changed my blogger layout. Don't you love it? I thought it was very cute.

I got a haircut when I was in China. I have short hair now. :) I'm gonna donate my hair.

I got Nikon Coolpix L100 from dad!

I'm getting a new phone. :D

I finally got my black forensics shoes!!! with the right height of heels!!!

I didn't get a chance to learn any Italian while spending my time in China. What a shame.

I will be volunteering at upstate surgery center tomorrow! :D

I watched Wimbledon Men's Single Final this morning (and afternoon). It was amazing.

It was really nice to have Papa Jones and Pizza Hut in China. They were...kinda expensive...But I had a lot of cash in hand...no worries :)

I saw my amazing friends in China. :D I bought many cute stuff...AND my friends gave me lots of cute dolls! ^^

Too much to say. Hope you are loving my new layout. :)

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