Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gary: >.<
Eileen: bio! :(
Gary: :(
Sent at 1:14 AM on Tuesday
Eileen: x-(
Gary: :[
Sent at 1:19 AM on Tuesday
Eileen: :-|
Sent at 1:21 AM on Tuesday
Eileen: r u doing oratory?

I was doing bio actually since we have this huge quiz on all invertebrate vocabs. Some invertebrates are actually pretty gross. But I like sea stars. They are awesome and pretty. =]

My first quarter sucks really badly. So I guess let's not talk about that.

I haven't worked on photography in a long time. = = Everything else except studying have been pushed back. I'm supposed to work on my oratory and get ready for BJA.

Junior year is hard.
But I'm still procrastinating.
What the fuck?


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