Friday, February 19, 2010

First of all, CONGRATZ TO EVAN LYSACEK!! His performances for both short and free programs were BEAUTIFUL. I was totally blown away by such beauty. :)

But sadly, Johnny Weir was underscored. And it's not only me who's complaining. Personally though, I think his performance was second of the night. However, because his elements in his free skating wasn't as hard as some other guys', the judges didn't give him high execution points because they thought harder elements deserved higher scores even if they fail. So...here's the scores + ranks for the FS:

1. LYSACEK Evan 167.37
2. PLUSHENKO Evgeni 165.51
3. LAMBIEL Stephane 162.09
4. CHAN Patrick 160.83
5. TAKAHASHI Daisuke 156.98
6. WEIR Johnny 156.77
7. ODA Nobunari 153.69

Evan totally deserved that score. I mean, his performance was the only one that is completely flawless + it's pretty hard too.

However, I think Plushenko, Lambiel, and Chan are overscored. At least 3 of Plushenko's jumps were almost missed because his axes when he spinned in the air were completely missed and the motion in the air wasn't beautiful. But somehow he managed to land on all of those jumps barely. His execution points of the jumps were pretty much overscored. Maybe a 162 for him.

Lambiel's jumps were even worse. He fell for at least one time and his landings weren't great/barely made it for most of his jumps. However his spinning were phenomenal and other components were elegant. But I remember them saying that jumps worth half of the points right? I think he could've scored at most a 157.

Patrick...I am very proud of you as an azn! Lol. But his program wasn't as hard like Johnny's, and he's not as artistic as Johnny. But somehow his score was amazing. He fell on one of his jumps too. To me, his performance was like a 155.

Johnny was underscored though. He landed well on all of his jumps except one, where he made a small mistake. His performance was emotional and the elements were beautifully connected. Although it was not PERFECT, but it's pretty much close to flawless. I think it deserved a 159-160.

So...if all of those were what they got, Johnny could've been 4th overall. But to me, all these crap doesn't matter that much as long as he's doing his best and all the audiences enjoyed his performance. I mean, he got a standing ovation and all those roses from the audiences. Haha. Watching his poker face just makes me smile.

Johnny's short program is called I Love You, I Hate You. It just describes himself so well! So many people love him and others hate him. There's been people complaining about him being "gay". I mean, what's wrong with homos? Even if he was gay, I see nothing wrong with it for an athlete/fashionista. He has such a great personality and he pursues his dreams. And there are also people complaining about him wearing animal fur on his skating costume. It's just a personally choice. If you love your animals just don't wear them yourself. Be a vegetarian. Animals do have rights but guess what? This world is ruled by us humans.

I am pretty much disappointed at the judges right now. But it's ok. =] Johnny Weir is still the icon for many people including me. We love him no matter how the judges judge him.

OOOOO, some awards I wanted to give to these amazing ice skaters for FS!

Best dressed: Plushenko - OMG that was like the most beautiful ice skating outfit ive ever seen for guys!
Best manner: Oda - aww poor oda his shoelace were loose when he did his fs. :( but somehow he managed to fix it real quick and he did his last part really well + cute! :)
Most elegant: Lambiel - it was SO elegant when he skates W/O all the failure jumps.
Sexiest: JOHNNY!! - as always :P

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