Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I am easily inspired, as you can tell.

After reading this amazing girl (who I'm always super proud of)'s blog about how her everyday is, I feel truly inspired this time and figure that I need to write a blog post. A real blog post.

I must say I have been trying to keep things away from my blog as I realize that more and more people are reading it now. However, having a blog is just like to have a place at the end of your journey everyday where you can share a piece of thought with anyone who wants to share it with you. Writing a blog is just like telling yourself the truth and making yourself to believe. Reading a blog is just like living in reality when the outside world seems to be covered with too many lies - even if you are reading your own blog.

I am never a great writer, at least not any more.

But I want to share a piece of thought with you today. Or maybe several of them, since I remember I didn't share one the last time I blogged.

Today I felt excited, or, to me, it didn't seem like a lazy day. 'Cause when I woke up, I felt like going to school. I didn't go yesterday. There was this fatigue feeling that was stuck in me the morning before the last time I woke up. I felt tired and bored. Maybe my mind was sick. Who knows? Headache or fever or even some heavy coughs never stopped me from going to school before. But yesterday was like one of those days that happen to me once a year when I feel no where close to get anything done. So I took a day off. I chilled at home and watched some movies/GG episodes, while feeling mentally sick.

Talking about feeling excited this morning, I decided that I should go to school. And turned out, my mental sickness was cured. I had many creamy strawberry cough drops and joked around with friends. It seems to be a good day. I mean, up to this point, nothing really made me sad yet. The definition of a good day to me is to have nothing sad/depressing/disgraceful.

Recapping the last few days that passed which I still had memories of, I had this strong feeling back from several months ago. I talked to a friend about it. She understood me. But I never treat things the way she treats them. I don't know if I will follow her advices or not. But to me, what happened was already like a century ago. There's no way to go back and redo what's already done. I have no momentum to do the same thing again. All is passed. Who knew what really happened? I mean, if even I myself don't even bother to recap, who else would? One thing that is both admirable and abominable about humans is that we all have good memories. These memories are never forgettable especially the ones that you want to forget. I'm not saying that anything bad happened to me. It's just whenever I think of it again, I feel there's some regret inside of me.

After a while we all try to be strong and confident. However, no one realizes, what's weak inside of us, is that we try to be who we wish to be, not who we want to be.


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