Thursday, March 25, 2010

I swear I love both of my parents very much, but sometimes I just want to get out of this house.

Ok, I don't care whoever the hell reads this. But I just wanna talk about all these crap that I don't like about them.

First of all, they are both super stubborn. My dad is someone who doesn't listen to people very much. He enjoys the world he lives in and thinks that everyone else thinks the way he thinks or the way he thinks that they are thinking. My mom always thinks herself is right. Even if she is wrong sometimes, she still finds an excuse to say that she is right.

Another thing is, she are also completely opposite in some other aspects. For example, about cleanNESS. My mom is someone who can clean the house twice a day even if she goes to work. My dad is someone who thinks it is ok to allow bugs to live with him for 20 years and won't care about them. So when my dad is done eating, he can leave the dishes on the on the table + all the crap he leaves on the table while eating there until the next meal and still won't clean them up. He won't see any dirt on the floor. If he washes the dishes, you can see oil on them the next day. And when my mom gets home (my dad eats lunch at home) at 6, she starts cleaning everything while my dad sits at the table where he eats lunch and makes a mess. Then my mom cooks while my dad reads those pointless website news which is written by some pointless Chinese people who 'care' about politics and get them wrong (no racism here). When my mom is done cooking, my dad is still reading this news while my mom yells at him to ask him to put away the laptop and it's time to eat, and my dad won't hear it. Then when I hear all these things happening, I wait for like 15 minutes cuz I know that's how long it will take my dad to hear those words and I go downstairs to eat. When my mom cleans the table while my dad continues reading those pointless news. Then my mom starts mumbling stuff about how my dad is not a clean person and her 'mumbling' is just like yelling. Then I can't do anything besides checking fb/twitter/blog/qq/aim because she is so loud even though my dad still hears nothing. Then my dad goes to bed early. My mom yells because he didn't read the mail from a month ago and made another mess somewhere else. Then the house is quieter so I do my hw. Then my mom constantly comes upstairs to check on me and randomly looks at my screen for 10 minutes while I am writing a paper/pretending that I'm writing a paper. Then she lies on my bed pretending to be reading her copied book about how to make curtains and falls asleep. At around 1 in the morning, she wakes up and says "why are you falling asleep" when actually she falls asleep and i've been awake the whole time. Then after 10 minutes she goes "ok I'm going to bed now you go to bed." Then this is the only time I have with myself alone. And this is why I always stay up so late.

There are certain people that I dislike strongly in my life. I don't have to be annoyed by them or they don't have to be done things that are bad to me. I just don't like certain type of people. The ones that never get the message. Or, the ones that don't understand life in any perspective. Or, the last type of people that I don't like is dumb women. My parents are good people. They are nice and welcoming and have all the goodness of being Chinese. But sometimes, I just think I'm not the one for them to keep. I wouldn't marry my dad if I were my mom. I wouldn't marry my mom if I were a man. They are not my type of people. Nice doesn't mean good for everyone. For example, sometimes, when my parents are being really nice, I don't like the way they behave. There's this poor old Cambodian couple that my parents help a lot. They are super nice and always invite us to go. But there are certain things that I don't like about them. They've done nothing wrong. So when I think why I don't like them, I just consider myself selfish. I mean, I'd like to have a little personal/private world to myself. I wouldn't spend some of my life to help some people when nothing turn out to benefit/make me happy. Maybe I'm just not good enough for my parents. The older I grow, the more difference I see between me and my parents. They are not my role models and I promise myself not to become who they are. Many stories tell us when are too young to understand. But I am 17 and a half. I know who I am becoming.

Thanx mom and dad.

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