Friday, June 25, 2010

I am lost in my world cup craze.

I abandoned my blogs, stopped editing my pictures from Seattle, lied to my mom about working on SAT problems, and what other terrible things have I done?! I have had a passion for watching (& only watching) soccer since I was little. My father was a sports craze as well. He would wake up late at night watching all those European club matches. We used to watch sports news every evening before local news and weather forecast. I remember that channel used to spend about 10 minutes in its 30 minutes (later expanded to 40 minutes because more sports games around the world were watched by Chinese sports crazes like my dad) on those European leagues. I could name all these clubs and players from different countries. The 2002 World Cup hosted by Japan+Korea was the first World Cup that I had clear memory of myself watching. I am pretty sure I watched the '98 one but I don't remember anything. In 2002, my family bought this big poster of all groups + star players and posted in our kitchen wall. It was back in the day when Oliver Kahn was the One that could keep out all the goals instead of goalies like Buffon, Casillas, or Tim Howard. I was 10 years old! I was in the state of admiring players without fancying about their good-looks, just by their beautiful goals and loud names. I always had good impressions about the Italians. And my favorite club was A.C. Milan. God no I was not attracted by their sexiness. I knew Italians play beautiful soccer (or football...when I was still learning British English in China). Later I became of fan of England probably because of their flag (haha I LOVED that flag) and David Beckham. I remember that was in fourth grade and girls were whispering to each other about him. He was a good-looking guy and still is. I also knew his golden right foot could kick the ball to follow a perfect arch and BAM! His freekicks were always killer. I also knew stuff like...Brazil was unbeatable, Portuguese had funny names (no offense, but the Chinese translations were really funny), Argentina had striped jerseys, the Netherlands wore Orange, and Raul of Spain was a hero. Then suddenly it was the last World Cup at Germany when Ronaldo became fat, when Zidane headbutted this Italian kid, when Grosso was hailed by this Chinese commentator who almost lost his job because of that super emotional comment, when people were expecting a lot from Rooney who never did well with great expectations - and still doesn't do well this time, and a lot more. I was celebrating my favorite team with its well deserved championship and bunch of old retiring guys.

And today, or more accurately, yesterday, my team lost, and got eliminated with shame. I couldn't ranted more than I did after that match. And tomorrow I still will (on a vlog).

Therefore I put all my expectation on the Spaniards - my second favorite team with two of my favorite players who are super cute. ¡Viva España! May the King of Europe go far in the competition and hopefully win the World Cup! I have faith in you!

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