Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hey guys! Now I think having a blog also means to update frequently even though most of my readers have turned away (if I actually had any).

Anyway. Another procrastination night. I figured I'd rather do something that appear to be productive at the least.

Priya turned 18 today. I made her a superawesomeamazingcreativebeautifulsexy birthday card. I was an amplification of my 18th birthday card from her. Haha. It feels so weird to be 18 already. According to some Chinese custom, you become a year older at each Chinese New Year. In that case, I am already 20. What the hell? I still feel like a child because of this high school nonsense. It's a good thing that there are only about 2 and half months left.

I HAVE TO buy the American Vogue March issue because GaGa is on the cover!!! The cover is already my cellphone background. It's amazing. <3 her so much. I don't know why a lot of people hate her so much. I mean, what's wrong with being different from everyone else? Being carried in a giant egg to Grammy's is freaking awesome.

Yesterday I took a day off by staying at home (partially because I was kinda sick and I didn't want to get sicker. I never want to miss multiple school days at once...) I slept in after telling my mother that I couldn't go to school. In the afternoon when I got on Facebook, I saw that Oscar de la Renta's runway show at New York Fashion Week was on. I went yay and watched it live! It was awesome. It was my first time watching a live fashion show (well...on a computer but still counts.) ODLR has got some mad talent, dude. His ready-to-wear stuff are super awesome and realistic (well..not the price..) <3 <3 <3 I also saw some pictures of other lines like Marc Jacobs, Naeem Khan, etc from the show. They were all pretty good.

So I was trying on my old dresses today (and was yelled at my mom for not wearing what I was supposed to wear at home...-.- why do you care?) and found this dress I bought in 2009. I remember it was on sale and looks slightly vintage. Anyway. Here is the dress:

I really liked the floral and stuff. I would be great if I had heels to go with it..

Haha. I found that I never blogged about my TV obsession recently. How can this be? Anyway. Here you go:

Mondays: Chuck (8) Gossip Girl (9)
Tuesdays: White Collar (10)
Wednesdays: AI (?)
Thursdays: The Vampire Diaries (8) Nikita (9)
Fridays: Fringe (?)

AI...I only watch the last like 10 finalists..
Fringe...well. I'm still in my catching-up process. Another season or two to go before I catch up with what's on right now.

True Blood comes out over the summer...still have another season to catch up. Apparently there are werewolves on that show now too..
Mad Men comes out over the summer as well. I have another one and half seasons to catch up. But this can wait until I catch up all the intense shows!
Dexter is only on in the fall. I have one and half seasons to catch up. :D This is the priority of the moment.
House...I occasionally watch some house....sorta familiar with all the major characters. I need to start from season one one day though.

As you can see, I redden-ed my favorite ones.
  • Chuck is awesome because of how the fun and intense-ness are put together + ALL the characters are awesome (even jeffster...)!!! It's hard to find a show with so many great characters.
  • The Vampire Diaries is awesome because of plot. Yes, it is a teen drama but the plot is NOT lame and the acting is decent. The main and not-lame (lol Matt...) characters show solid personalities yet there are change over time! Every episode is a surprise.
  • Dexter is awesome because of Dexter, his talk-to-himself-ness, his face, his stalking, his intelligence, and his difference from the rest of the world. Some other characters are great, too. But this show is SO about THE Dexter...
My next favorite one is White Collar. It's only in its second season but Neal Caffrey (the con semi-turned FBI agent) is a real charmer! Some other characters are great as well (Peter, El, Mozzie). But it lacks a good intense central plot. But the show is fun though.

Gossip Girl is the show that I've been following along and it's now in its fourth season. The drama is kind of lame sometimes and many plots are predictable. But recently it's fun to see the friendship between Dan and Blair (the only really new thing that I haven't seen in that show in a while). But the fashion is great!

Nikita is in its first season. It has potential!

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