Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sorry about not blogging on the stuffs I did recently.

I hung out w/ my best friends at home last week! It was pretty awesome. We talked a lot and ate and finally signed each others' yearbooks! Yay! Here's a couple of pictures of my yearbook. <3 This year's yearbook is actually pretty cool and has lots of pictures. Love it! And now there's also a unicorn on it which made it even more awesome.

And, this is just a random picture I took of my necklace...

I also started watching The Bachelorette (clearly because I was too bored...) It's quite interesting but awkward. Haha. Well at least there are some good looking and nice guys in it. Guy drama is just too lolzy.

I also watched the newest The Killing episode. I think I might not be able to download the last two episodes of it when I'm in China. :( But things started to get really interesting at the end of this episode. But the show has been going too slow. Meh.

Oh, almost forgot about this, I also started watching Heroes! I promise I will only watch season 1! Peter Petreilli is quite attractive. <3 But since the show will get lame starting season 2, I will stop there. YATTA!! (Hiro is the cutest!)

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