Sunday, July 31, 2011

No matter how cheap/expensive things are in China, I spent a lot of time finding stuff I need to buy. Price for things certainly differ a lot from the ones in the States based on availability and the subject's appeal.

For example, can you believe this nice-looking glass of (non-alcoholic) beverage is served in Pizza Hut? (And the nice pot of fruit tea behind it too.)

Pizza Hut is considered a very nice restaurant in China. When I went that Sunday, I had to wait for my named to be called outside in order to go in and have lunch. Not only was there 10 more groups of people before me, but also one of the groups is a 10-kids B-day pack. The food there are...expensively priced as well. I believe this glass of fruit punch cost above 20 yuan, which is about 3 bucks. This sounds at least reasonable in US. However, Chinese people, in average, earn at least 1/4 as much money as people here, I believe. So...do you still want a glass of fruit punch now? It was really delicious though.

I also got a really nice Swarovski necklace (ha, I think that was the cheapest I saw in the store?) It cost like $100. It looks great with casual and more formal outfits. And the strings that came with it are adjustable in length. :) Too bad this picture definitely does not do it justice.

Anyway. There ARE cheap stuffs in China too! :D I bought these cute tiny purses and the basket underneath as well. Those pouches cost like $1.50 and the basket cost $6. :)) They look quite chic and lovely to me.

I also got some REALLY cute pens! They can tots be accessories on desks. Esp. the red one has Priya's funny eyelashes. :P

I went shoes shopping as well. I totally needed some wedges and I got them. :) Sandal wedges are the best! They are actually quite comfy and are in a more nude/milky color than the white color in the picture.

I also got oxfords!!! Those are nice-looking at any time. I LOVE the studs on the back. As soon as I saw them I bought them hahaha. I saw this pair of really nice pumps on sale the other day but I didn't bring any money with me at the time. :\ They were also nude and has really nice cheetah detail on the back and the heels!
I also went to other places mentioned in a previous post. But I will put up a picture of the dress I bought in the next post!

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