Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Today's Song:

Inside My Heart - Diego Garcia (Spotify)

<3 him. Chill & sweet songs. That Laura album is just great when you are in a stressed mood. It seems more of a spring/rainy-summer-day album. But whatever. Diego Garcia for every season!

I still have a lot of essays to do. So I'll keep it short. (*hint hint* probably because I didn't finish all of them yesterday????) I signed up for classes today! I was gonna sign up for MGMT371 (it's like, intro management), but I most definitely did NOT see that it's for BA students only. Since I haven't declared my minor, I couldn't really sign up for it. So I switched to my original plan from a few days ago - ACCT222! I was all signed up and even posted my schedule on various social networking sites, then I saw this friend's schedule with PSYC460, which is an honors physiological psych class. It was one of the classes I planned to take in the future. So I was like, fuck accounting, I need some exciting class to take in the spring! So I dropped accounting and called my adviser to put me in honors. :) So now, I have the perfectly science-math-social-science balanced schedule (LOL). Voila!

Who's excited for school?????

*post with DEEP THOUGHTS coming up soon! Hehehehe.

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