Thursday, January 5, 2012

Outfit pictures! This first one is inspired by Leandra's Man Repeller layering techniques. She is my favorite fashion blogger I'd say. :) She's really inspiring and seems to be the most enthusiastic. Anyway. So I layered my poka-dot dress with a purple cardigan and a plaid shirt. I thought it looked pretty hip and shows my Harry-Potter-obsessed self *again* with my Hermione's time turner. :)

When I went to ATL on New Year's, I got this new tank top that has some puffy details. Today I was bored and decided to see what differently-styled outfits I can make out of it. :)

Outfit #1: Sportsmanship. 
The tank top is paired with a bright pink cardigan, Nike running tights, and a casual light-pink scarf.

Outfit #2: Pastel Palette.
The key in this outfit is the new "in" palette colors for Spring 2012. I picked a pastel pink cardigan and blue pants to go with the tank top.

Outfit #3: Laid-back Chic
To go for a very "chill" look, I put on another plaid shirt that act as a cardigan/outerwear this time and some muted white pants.

You like?

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