Tuesday, April 24, 2012

BLUNDERBUSS CAME OUT!!! FINALLY! While I cannot find some of my favorite songs from the album to link yet, y'all should have a taste with the first single, Love Interruption, which came out a few months back. It is one of my favorite songs from this album along with Weep Themselves to Sleep, I'm Shakin', Blunderbuss, etc. It's a crossover of a little bit of blues with the typical Jack White Alternative CRAZY-GOOD rock. It's definitely subtler than (his band) The White Stripes, less funky than The Raconteurs, and better than The Dead Weather imo (Alison Mosshart sounds better with Jamie Hince...but I like them nevertheless...). It's definitely somewhat more contemporary than many other albums of his.

PS: I know I'm embedding a lot of videos on my blog recently..it's bc stupid Youtube changed its code and don't lemme only embed audio any more!!! UGHHH!!


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