Monday, July 2, 2012

Finally, an ASOS score. I initially wanted this in white. But sometimes my skin looks ultra yellow when I do wear white...so I went for a navy (as usual) instead. It fits me perfectly.

I also got 2 pieces of jewelries in this ASOS package (out of the 195783401875 that I bought?). They will be blogged soon.

Oh that's right. I have random Italian flags decorated in my bedroom. (I made them a long time ago...) Talking about Italy, we just lost terribly (and over-dramatically) to my second favorite team - Spain. But it's alright, I guess...Nice match, Barcelona! It's nice to see Fabregas finally playing as a starter. He set up that first goal!

I also have an outfit ready in mind for the wedding I'm attending in 2 weeks. It involves a fab dress, some DIY, my favorite oxfords, and some gold-flaked French mani. Stay tuned!

Shall we get started with this Monday by playing some old school Maroon 5?

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