Thursday, December 6, 2012

In celebration of Frank Ocean's 6 Grammy nominations in major categories last night, here's a lead single (I think?) from his mixtape nostalgia, ULTRA. I believe this is a censored version but the censoring is done pretty bad so it's not that bad. :P If you know what I mean. He also talks about a girl that want to be a dentist in this song!!!! If you noticed other song of the days, you probably know how much I love Frank Ocean...I listen to channel ORANGE daily.

This is my favorite Chanel show in a while...even though Chanel shows are always great. Again, this show was held at another awesome venue - in Linlithgow Palace right outside of Edinburgh castle in Scotland. There bagpipers outside of the venue and everything. Here I tried to narrow down my favorites to about less than a third of this massive collection.

Are you guys feeling the Scottish vibe?

***A week until I get out of school!!!!***

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