Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! Even though this night is like no other, which I spent a ton of time on the Internet browsing (no shame), I was actually trying to find an outfit to wear to the upcoming Lady Gaga concert that I will be attending in March. I went through many many dress sections online...while there were many that would work for a concert, nothing quite stood out. I also need to prepare for a potentially very cold night at the concert since it's not always nice & warm in Nashville in March.

Ok, before I continue...here's the first Song of the Day of 2013! I just love Katy B. *heart*

Alright. And then...I suddenly (not this dramatic...) had a random epiphany of altering/upgrading my denim jacket (a gift from the lovely Tiff!) to a super cool, customized version, like this one Mira Duma (a new-found fashion idol of mine in 2012) owns. I found lots of lovely patches online, like for Beatles (there's a yellow submarine logo patch! how lovely!), Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones (tongue & lip, of course), all these classic bands, and for other things that I like, such as my (beloved) Hufflepuff house of Hogwarts where I got sorted into more than a year ago, LGBT rainbow, peace sign, (and the list will be continually added to). I might also do some studs as well...but then I wouldn't be able to wash it since I'd have to take out the studs first to do that. But still. How lovely! It will become my very own personalized, one-of-a-kind denim vest & I'll be able to wear it to Lady Gaga concert with character, and still be comfortable & warm. (But I will definitely need some super cool accessories!) I'll keep y'all updated about this project. :)

Image from The Coveteur

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