Friday, May 31, 2013

Track listing & more after the jump

Beautiful albums came out this month from Vampire Weekend, The National, and Daft Punk! Thus the double-featuring from each group. I originally had a couple more radio-esque songs on here but...as much as I enjoy them, they don't flow very well with the rest in any way. Also note that Kanye is featured as my rap-song-of-the-month (sort of?) because his new album, Yeezus, will be released on June 18th! (Though, it's hard to imagine anything can surpass My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.) You might also notice my increasing tendency of featuring electronic stuff on here. Have to admit, when they're done well, they're amazing! (Isn't that the case for everything?)  The hashtag in Mariah + Miguel's duet title is kinda (aka really) lame, but the song is nice and chill.

You might have also noticed my slight layout change (emphasis on "might"). No? Well, I removed pretty much all the non-linkable things/images/words (section titles and all those useless junk) and added more links to blogs/sites that I check constantly.

*mix cover photographed & edited by me


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