Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My absolute favorite outfit of the entire couture season is hands-down the third Valentino look: beige/green/nude embroidered jacket with green lining and the equally gorgeous navy embroidery dress underneath. The grey crocodile pumps the model is wearing are also a must. I think it is something that complements all ages and all body shapes.

My favorite shows this time are Dior and Valentino (hate to have a draw, but I really can't pick). I'm loving the combination of eye-opening modern elements (along with some classic Dior silhouettes), and traditional couture details in Raf Simons' Dior. And I love this Valentino collection because of how these two designers (keep forgetting their names, I believe they're Italian?) managed to do a perfect mix of timeless elegance and extravagance. In my opinion they have definitely stepped up their game. (In previous seasons, I have critiqued the post-Valentino Valentino for using the same "winning: formula which was boring, but this is something different which is nice.) I have been with Raf Simons all along since his appointment. Simons + Dior is a great match. Of course, I appreciate Karl Lagerfeld's unique Chanel creations as well.

*All runway photos are from Style.com
*Looks in title photo are from MMM and Viktor & Rolf

This is the last post before D-Day (Aug 5)


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