Sunday, November 23, 2008

Back from Asheville. I still have my school code on my left hand.

I said I would write 'OO' on the apple if I place. None of us - OOers - placed eventually. But I wrote on it anyway.

Asheville was cold. It snowed the day before. The school was awesome. It was like a castle. Schools on the mountains are really different but cool. And I want my ballot so bad.

lol I love how random that paragraph was. :) Back to what I want to say, Asheville gave me a new altitude for OO. The 2008 season was over. And now I need to prepare for the new year, the new fantasy of OO, my third tournament. I really want to see my ballot. I want to know where I didn't do well, or, where the judge 'thought' I didn't do well. I have the desire to get better, to let Southside not getting a 2nd only for less 1st places. We got 2nd Sweepstakes because none of us OOers placed so we tied on the total number of trophies, although I think we all did really well.

Forensic is my life now. I love the life which I go to a forensics tournament on Saturday and catching up homework on Sunday. Because usually, I finished my homework on Saturday but almost did nothing on Sunday. I am using my time now. I am not wasting anything. Although I didn't place, but I am gaining. I am having more fun and making more friends. It is part of my habit. I made a commitment and finally got it done.

We are a team. We always have the highest spirit. We cheer, we laugh, we help. We are always acting like a big family. We all love each other. Although sometimes we do get a little lauder than we are supposed to, but we ARE the true team. Everyone who goes to the tournants and practises together loves each other. I love that feeling. Pour exemple, Oryza, Nia, and I talk to each other about who we meet in our rounds and how their speeches are. We help each other with ours, although we are actually opponents in the competition. And I still remember Lekendre was waiting us OUTSIDE the cafeteria after the last round. It was freezing. But you know how we feel.

I talk about it today because Reina's was fun, too. Not a lot of people showed up but we got more work done. Like Gary said, I always left scars. :) I got a mark on my jeans today. xD Good memories, good memories. I guess I should cut that part and make it gangster. lol


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