Monday, April 20, 2009

I am always so productive on Sunday nights.

I am crazy about strange things recently. I listen to idols when no one cares about idols now. I came up to a friend and asked, have you been keeping updated to idols these days? Ah, nah. Well I was going to tell you something about it. I showed him Adam Lambert's Mad World and I did not get very positive reactions but a 'eh'. (Fortunately I did not get a 'eww'.) I secretly listened to that song all Sunday morning on Youtube. And I started watching House last week. Maybe I am just so lame on good TV shows but I watched 2 episodes everyday last week. I didn't like watching tv that much before. So I feel so wierd for getting used to this now.

Things happen unpredictably. I know I am going to fail one of my APs, but I still want to waste some of my friends' time getting help. Well, who knows? Maybe I will be able to bs a 4 out of this shit two weeks later.

And I have a new hobby - photography. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KFdq8i1DJY

After all, aren't you used to my short+boring blog posts? Or, aren't you tired of my extremely self-centered story of my effing life?

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