Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm getting swine flu tomorrow! Yay!
So we are going to chill out at B&N and hopefully getting some compsci done.
I always thought I was well-prepared after doing all those tests Mr. Rogers gave us. But when I started doing Barron's, it seemed to be so hard. Because Barron's has so many questions in really detailed stuff. And I've already forgotten about them because last time I was doing these stuff was last year. Ah, when is this going to be over with?

I always want more time to study and less time. I want to be more prepared so I can make a perfect score so everyone will be happy. I want less time because I can't wait until summer. But there is always right enough time. I can't have more or less. After all, I can't get swine flu whatsoever. I will be healthy and let time pass by painfully. I will have to kill something tomorrow morning. I will. And I always believed myself to be the one to achieve the dreams.

Well, here I am.

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