Tuesday, September 22, 2009

love that video. it's hilarious.

Well, it was my birthday. I kind of celebrated it too much - tehe. in both Chinese time and American time - donc, 36 hours of September 21st. But I'm still glad I wasn't being loud and proud telling everyone that it was by birthday. Well, it's not my fault that lots of people congratulated me right on time because facebook was the little birthday wizard. :P

17. what a number. what an age.

I still can't accept the fact that I've been in this world for 17 years. I know few things and it seems that everything is ahead of me. I feel old, matured, but unwanted - like a piece of scratch paper with everything written on there all over the place. Little of what's on there is useful, yet one can still erase the unimportant and write more. Whoever scratched on it used a pencil, I suppose, since everything is light and slightly messy. It must have been a young writer but full of potential. I feel one can write more with pens, colored pencils, highlighters, markers, even brushes, or you can print something on me - oh of course, to print the most important things.

I admit I never really wrote an autobiography. But here is one, which is done a few weeks before my 17th anniversaire. http://sites.google.com/site/eileenwphotography/about-me It recorded what the piece of paper thought that was the most significant things written on itself. Hopefully you can read it and understand it.

btw, idk why i named this blog post bday sex. just to annoy you i think. i guess im just messing w/ ya for my lil bday fun by having something inappropriate on the sidebar of your blog.


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