Monday, September 14, 2009

I changed my layout to this very patriotic picture. It's post 9.11. Well, I was out of town on 9.11. What can you say?

Btw, "photo credit: Eileen Wang." I shot it at Vietnam War memorial.

Wake Forest was fun but tiresome. I don't have much to say about it. Congratulations Southside for winning 3rd in sweepstakes!

An interesting fact: people found it amusing listening to me talking on the phone in Chinese. Worthy burst out laughing when I said 'Taco Bell' while on the phone with my mom. Last night when we were stuck on highway 85 in NC, the entire car was dead quiet listening to me talking in Chinese. Languages are fun.

Some fun things happened at Wake:

I <3 our car ride...
  • "my peanut"
  • tay
  • the story about a 12 yr old guy and a 14 yr old girl had a baby and decided to keep it. caroline: when the guy sends his child to kindergarten and the teacher asks are you his older brother? "no , im his dad."
  • and much more <3
A judge in an HI round: are you six performing together?

Caroline's ballot: the role of drug addict is overdone in high schools.

I anti-bacteria-ed my arm cuz of too much hand sanitizer.

We played the animal game with Rachel + other ppl before oratory semis.

Duo final was so funny. :D

Sorry that's all I can remember right now. I feel that I better be committed to my makeup work now.

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