Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Seeing my best friends in love is the happiest thing in the world.

It's like...nothing you could understand.

I dunno.

I thought I was pretty selfish.

I mean, I don't want people to take part of my lunch.

I don't like to donate money.

I always put myself first in every possible occasion.

But sometimes I am just happier even when nothing good happens to me.

When my friends encounters better things than I do, I am just too happy to tell.

I was in tears when she told me what happened.

I dunno.

I guess I like it the way it is and always will be. When there's nothing to lose and nothing to compare to me, I don't care what status I am in. I am just happy because such great things happen and I really care about the people these things happen to. But I am not desperately in search for a boyfriend. I don't care if I am in love or not. I like it the way I am. So I don't compare other people's relationship status to mine and therefore, I just feel nothing bad about myself. But maybe, just maybe, when I grow up, I will change.

Long live happiness and all the people that are happy. :) <3

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