Sunday, April 4, 2010

My last post is dedicated to two of my besties.They are both super adorable young ladies! Best luck to them!

So these two friends of mine who always read my blog couldn't read it normally anymore because of my last layout. I really liked the bunnies, and how I could click the cute pictures to go to posts, links, my twitter updates, and my profile. But there must be another cute layout which CAN be seen in Internet Explorer! So I spent 45 minutes this afternoon (when my mom thought I was reading biology) looking for an XML layout. And gladly I found one! This one is cute and it fits with the time of year it is in right now - spring! =]

I am about to start my...3458493024302th blog: a video blog! I already created one this afternoon and also found a suitable template for it. I will publish the post + link here when I record my first post!

Talking about my blogs, here is a list of all blogs I am currently updating:
  • this blogger/blogspot/google blog - I basically write stuff when I am inspired haha
  • my tumblr - which is my photo blog. it's majorly all pictures I reblogged from other tumblr blogs - that's what tumblr is so good at.
  • my pay-to-decorate azn blog - all the items for the layouts are paid but i pay for this membership which is 10 yuan per month and i can use all the items. it's basically my chinese blog. and it's like based off of qq which is like...aim in chinese.
  • and my future video blog!
Some other stuff that I update:
  • facebook - lol im on it all the time...mafia wars + sorority life! lol. i got priya addicted to mafia wars...or maybe u cant say she's addicted hahah
  • twitter - i sorta start using it recently but i registered a long time ago
  • renren.com - this is chinese facebook...it has the exact same layout and majority of the functions are the same
Some chatting devices that I use:
  • fb chat!
  • AIM
  • gmail/gchat
  • QQ - this chinese thing I already introduced
  • i also have yahoo/msn/skype...but i havent used them in a while

Today was a kind of relaxing and fun day. I didn't do much. But I feel good for updating my blog and finding some awesome layouts. :) Oh, and I heard some good news too! :)

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