Saturday, April 23, 2011

The closer it is to exams, the more I write. #justsayin'

So after this weird hiatus/random photo blog posts thing, I decided to start writing again even though it might be about the most unimportant thing in the world. End of senior year gave me some sick daily routines with a slight change every day. I get new music, waste time with an equally unproductive friend on certain chat app, and keep my studying time at 0.000001%. I don't usually watch TV - like watching TV show on a legit TV. But today since parents' aren't home, I flipped through the remaining 10 channels that we still have and watched an old episode of CSI: NY. CSI never gets old, such a great way to waste time. It is definitely not the worst way to spend an hour you know. Today I learned that American soldiers used to put certain kind of dentures in their mouth to prevent from damage during combat. Isn't that pretty neat? Heh.

Besides from watching TV for the first time in months, I also decided to download SIMS 3. I've always wanted to play SIMS. It's not those super intense games where you gets addicted for like hours and kill a whole bunch of people. (Well, technically you still get addicted...) And it's also not those games that are actually really silly but you still play them to waste time anyway. (*cough cough* Cooking Dash *cough cough*) I used to play the trial version online and it's fun to spend like 30 minutes to live a different life every day. However, whenever I start a game I don't usually finish it...maybe I will improve this time. :)

Life has been good besides the frequent thought of omg-I-need-to-study-for-APs. I got my braces off on Thursday. :) I've posted the pic everywhere...So I'll refrain. :) I was hanging out in Ulta yesterday and got new nail polish. Finally! :D I always wanted a bright red one. Uh I don't understand why all the nail polish are in such large bottles. Personally, I would never use up any of those. I like to get new ones every now and then because I somehow don't really like out-dated nail polish as if they will rot or something. Hehe. I finally found these little bottles of Orly. I also saw essie in person for the first time haha. Those cottoncandy-colored ones look soo gooood! Anyway. I will have to buy some of those next time.

Ah, this post was going to be about TV shows and American Idol...oh well. ;)

PS. Found this new tumblr about HOT GUYS OMG. It made my day: Sexy Men To Die For. <3

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