Thursday, April 21, 2011

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I swear all my friends / people I know who blog write better / more interesting posts than I do. Anyway. About college decisions.

I don't usually regret anything in my life. I am usually very determined when I make most of these decisions. Yet I overthink about too many situations. It makes me sick and I just want whatever problem to disappear and I would have so much less headaches. But since all these are not gonna happen, I have to face these problems. One of these problems I am facing right now is college decision. It is certainly going to one of the hardest and most important decision I will make in my life. This reminds me of the fact that if I were in China and were going to attend college there, I wouldn't have to make this choice because I would only go to the one school that I got in according to my exam grade. But allowing us to pick ourselves is important because it makes us feel responsible for our actions.

Among all the schools I got in, I am seriously considering two schools. One is in-state and cheap and I'm gonna be treated like I'm the smartest kid ever; the other one is a really great and much smaller private school, but it has much better student population, learning environment, and research opportunities. If I'm just gonna go to college, graduate in three or four years, get a decent job and have a nice life, I will of course choose the good school over the cheap school. But since I'm very determined about what I'm going to do, I need to save up and be ready for med school. It not only means I need to be ready for the amount of money and time it's gonna cost me, but also what I will need to do in college in order for me to get into a good med school. I want to go to the good school because it makes me feel good and its awesome resource. But for now the cheaper school seems to be a better choice because it provides an easier path to my future and the rest of my life even though I have to give up the chance of attending a great school once in a life time. I have less than ten days to decide. We'll see.

I really hate naming posts because I always overthink and it doesn't usually turn out to be so good and not so cliche. But college decision is something worth overthinking for...


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