Friday, April 29, 2011

Today's song:

Changing - The Airborne Toxic Event

Recently, I've been listening to TATE's albums (well, it's just the old one and the new one that came out recently.) They are a quite interesting band. Not to mention, there's AN AZN GUY IN THE BAND OMG.

So there went the royal wedding. LOVE Kate's dress. Sarah Burton was definitely a great choice for both the bride and the maid-of-honor's dress. People could technically wear Pippa's dress to their own weddings too! They were both very flattering. The queen's lemon-colored outfit was so adorable as always. Hahaha. She totally looked like a little lemon...The Beckhams were definitely the most stylish couple at the wedding. David was handsome as usual. And Victoria's outfit (designed by herself!) was gorgeous and fitting for the occasion (she's pregnant too!). And HER HEADPIECE!!! I love British people's hats. So today, when I went prom hair-stuff shopping, I bought the following British-royalty looking headpiece that I'm going to wear to prom. It looks quite large at this angle. But it's not that big and the whole thing goes upward. I was going to buy a pink hair-piece that matches my dress, but I couldn't find one that's actually flattering...So I guess this black&white one will do. I'm also going to curl my hair so my hair won't look oh-so-flat.

Oh I see so many occasions where I will be able to wear this thing!

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