Saturday, May 7, 2011

Today's song:

Tragedy - Christina Perri

She is so awesome. I got her new album Lovestrong today. <3

Talkin' about music...Lady GaGa is gonna be the mentor on American Idol this week! :D Her concert tonight at Madison Square Garden is also broadcast on HBO. Which is QQ for me because I don't have HBO. >:{ She's also performing Born This Way and Judas on the season finale.

Introducing - Ms. Cutie

The face

The side

The behind


Btdubs, Ms Cutie is a donkey.

PS. I hate haters. lolol oxymoron ftw. I personally do dislike certain artists or people in general, but I wouldn't post a gigantic comment on somepne's youtube video saying "OMG I HATE HER" or something like that. (Well unless if it's Rebecca Black...) But yeah. 'Nough said.

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