Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today's song:

Forever and Always - Parachute

Not only is this song like SUPER SWEET, Parachute is just an amazing rock band overall. I like many different kinds of rock bands. (LOL @ my genius mixes: Adult Alternative Mix, Indie Rock Mix, Emo Mix, Surf/Garage Revival Mix, Adult Alternative Rock Mix, and Pop Mix) Some (more well-known-to-everyone) examples include Arcade Fire, Jimmy Eat World, The Black Keys, and The Fray. Parachute is like the kinda pop-ish, soul-y, and definitely NOT emo kind. Their music is just lovely. This new album, The Way It Was, is filled with great songs like "Something to Believe In". Their debut album Losing Sleep is also fantastic. Enjoy!

Talkin' about music...today the Jason Mraz songbooks I ordered from Amazon arrived! This is my first Amazon Student purchase + I love it! (They are actually for a friend of mine but...) Click here for a photo. I wish I could find a use of them (as in I wish I could play music instrument or something.) <3 Jason Mraz!! He inspired me for the title/subtitle of this blog. <3

So today I caught up with the latest episode of AMC's The Killing from Sunday. I like this show. Partly because it is not TOO intense. Yet it is still filled with grief and non-happiness. However, there are also a lot of things that I don't like it that much which makes it not one of my favorite shows. First of all, it lacks some comic relief moments. I think there has almost been NONE comic reliefs in this show. The whole atmosphere is too depressed. I know it's a show about the investigation of the murder of a teenage girl, but come on, even Dexter has awesome funny moments. Also, even though the show progresses REALLY slowly, every breakout it has like...just happen accidentally. There wasn't much planning ahead + succeeding. It's mostly planning ahead + failing + WHOA it just happens that someone is doing something and gets caught because the policeman is JUST passing by at the exact moment on her way home (hypothetically). I like to contrast with Dexter because even though Dexter is more of a show that focuses on the development of one character, less of the actual cases he's involved in; it still involves more planning and thinking than this show from the protagonists. When watching The Killing, I'm more relaxed partially because if I think really hard and watch every move of everyone, I still cannot predict anything according to the portrayal of the character. (Yet the predictability of how things can just happen is pretty high.) There's too much chance involved in this show.

Anyway. I watched the first installment of the Pirates movies this afternoon because I didn't wanna work on bio. I LOVE it soooo much. <3 Captain Jack Sparrow is like the greatest on-screen character EVERRR!!! (As well as The Joker and Michael Corleone.) I will prolly have a Pirates-movie marathon with my buddies and then go to see Pirate 4 together next week. <3

I can't believe I missed Oscar de la Renta's Resort 2012 show last night!!! I knew it was gonna be on at 6. But I got home at like 6:30. :( OdlR shows never start late. UHHHH. I was so upset yesterday that I went to bed early. (No joke!) Anyway. I saw the collection today and it was stunning!! Good job Oscar!

Last thing...I promise! GaGa's new album Born This Way got leaked on the Internet today. :'( I hate when that happens. But I love all the songs! Haha. 5 more days!!! You can hear the leaks on my Tumblr if you can't wait!

Exam update: stayed at home today. Bio tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday. EWW

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