Friday, May 20, 2011

So today's song: Lady GaGa's entire Born This Way album. There's no link yet b/c the album is not released. Be ready to be impressed. :)) I LOVE every single freaking song on it!! She also speaks German and Italian on that album! (Also Spanish if you count that one line from Born This Way.) In Americano, she uses Rosemary Clooney's Mambo Italiano's opening as her opening rhythm but she uses her own lyrics. <3 So great. There's also a bunch of nice chorus and vocal backgrounds and other instrument solos. I hope when I get my first paycheck I'll be able to actually buy the album. (BTW, someone get me some GaGa posters plox. I'll love ya foreverz. :P)

So I went shopping for going back to China tonight. After failing at Ulta, I decided to go to Bath&Body Works! (Cuz it's the best going-out-of-country shopping place ever!!!) I got these three little body lotion ones for $10:

Then for my best friend Lee who got me these silver necklace and bracelets and invited for a gigantic dinner last time when I went back, I got her this triplet - a body spray, a shower gel, and a lotion. They are so cute! They were on sale as well. I was gonna get the four handsoap for $15 deal but I like to give out lotion more. Lolz.

I'll go get some Burt's Bees later. :)) So I was gonna get the Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Rosy Nude, but there was only one left at Ulta and it didn't look very nice. :( I might just get it off Amazon since it's also cheaper there. Also, here's a pic of the songbooks I bought for my Jason-Mraz-fan friend. His t-shirt is already shipped!

Also, I was gonna post this yesterday but I decided to sleep early. Haley went home after top 3 on Idol. :'( She has such an awesome voice and she did justice to Led Zeppelin's song (forgot its title) on Wednesday night. It's on iTunes. Now I don't know if I'll watch the finale because it's both country musician now. (Again, I LOVE Scotty and Lauren!) But I will prolly watch the finale award show on Wednesday night cuz it has GaGa, Aerosmith, and a bunch of other artists' live performances! :D Anyway. I hope I find some of the studio versions of Haley's songs on Idol somewhere so I can download them. Even though the judges criticized a lot on her take of Earth Song (by the Beatles?). But its studio version is SO AMAZING <3. MUST FIND IT!

Exam update: I took IB Bio paper 1, 2 & 3 on Wednesday and Thursday. Those weren't too bad. And I took the late AP Bio today. I wasn't bad either. Hopefully I'll get a 5. (Even though it really doesn't matter any more...)

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