Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yo, yo, listen...

Wait, did I just start talking like Randy? Heh. Now since AI is like the only show I actually watch live...I have my Wednesday night posts dedicated to the show. :) I love this seasons' top 4 so much!

Ok. Firstly, GAGA WAS DA MENTOR! Her advices were so awesome + unique + helpful. I like unique pplz u know dat. And she will be performing tomorrow too! That was a surprise. Since I only knew she's gonna perform on the season finale. Hehe.

Anyway. On to my contestants. They all had their moments tonight. Here's my comments on EVERYTHING. (In the order of appearance)

James Durbin
Me Likes: can I give a 7.9?

His "Don't Stop Believin'" was alright. I mean, this song never gets any critiques anyway. And James never gets any critiques. But it wasn't his best and was kinda generic.
I liked the second song "Love Potion No. 9" a lot better. He worked his mojo (LOL thanks to GaGa) and had a moment. The ballad parts were great and his performance was like a concert once again. <3

Haley Reinhart
Me Likes: 8
I see nothing wrong with the first song "Earth Song". No one listens to JLo anyway first of all. And Randy is just being mean to Haley all the time anyway. I thought it was an average performance for her but it wasn't bad at all. I think the judges didn't like it that much because she didn't growl as much. -.-
"I (Who Have Nothing)" was my favorite performance of the night once again. When I see live performances, I easily get uncomfortable or bored if the performances are just alright. But every week now she has at least one awesome performance! GaGa's advice totally works and her vocal was just beautiful.

Scotty McCreery
Me Likes: 7
Scotty, his twisting around, and his mojo. Oh man. Anyway. "Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)" was great. You never need to question Scotty's vocal cuz it's always awesome. Nothing else to say, really.
"Young Blood" was funny. I thought the judges liked it better than the first song but I kinda disagree. He sings is well and all but I thought he looked funny (as in his movements and stuff). I think he had an average day today. Like the judges said, bring something new next week!

Lauren Alaina
Me Likes: 6
Don't get me wrong, I love Lauren! She's got a great personality and an amazing voice. "Anyway" was really amazing. It really shows off her vocals and has a Kelly-Clarkson-Carrie-Underwood feel to it, which was great. Definitely one of the best of the night. (I lol-ed at myself for saying this cuz there were only 8 songs today...) But I kinda feel that it's generic (AGAIN, IT WAS AN AMAZING SONG!). And Idol has had her type of contestants do well for many times.
"Trouble" was a troublesome choice for her I thought. She was not evil even though she was like "I'm evil!" for 500 times. It wasn't very fierce.

Anyway. I really love these four finalists! I think these four truly deserves to be top 4 and there couldn't have been any other four. My favorite performances of the night are: Haley's "I (Who Have Nothing)", James' "Love Potion No. 9", and Lauren's "Anyway". *AGAIN I LOVE SCOTTY TOO!* I really hope that Haley gets to be in top 2 because she is amazing and is under-appreciated by the judges. But I honestly don't know at all who will be eliminated first and who will win. I feel (which means there's no physical evidence!) that Scotty is not in the bottom two tonight. We'll see tomorrow!

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