Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finally. Story time.

This eventful day all started last night when I decided to watch Haley Reinhart's AI performances again on Youtubes. She's so amazing. <3 I'm not going to say that "I don't understand how she didn't win." Because I do. But now, I don't watch that show just to see who wins. To me, it's about seeing new singers and pick out the ones that I like and maybe start listening to them post-Idol. Country music has become the genre for all singers on AI who can't sing other genres. It's sad. I would love to see some diversities in the singer's genres. But sadly, I KNOW why Haley didn't win even though she received the most standing ovations from the judges and celebrity support from likes of Lady Gaga, Led Zeppelin, former Idols Kris Allen & Adam Lambert. From what I've heard and seen (of their live performances and albums), Haley, James, and Scotty should've been the ones who made the cut for top 3. Lauren is just another country girl who is very generic and has tons of other singers on the show just like her. I love Haley and I'm looking forward to her debut album on March 1.

I also found out that the Napoleon Dynamite (animated series) episodes were on iTunes for free. I downloaded them but the process took FOREVER. USC's Internet fail #1. Only after 1 AM, the downloading speed increased and it was finally NOT "4 hours remaining" per episode. Each episode is pretty short so it's great for some fun at workouts on the days that I ride bikes.

And then this morning, I specifically woke up early just to see the Oscar nomination live. Not really. I woke up at regular time. But I did see the streaming of the announcement and I've got to admit, Oscars always get me excited every year even though I know there will be disappointments. So today, I WILL talk about my disappointments and happiness, AND perhaps my hopeful predictions that usually don't come true.

Snubs first.

Snub #1 | Snub #2 | Snub #3

These three snubs, my favorite people, probably got bird poop the night before to signal their bad luck this morning. Well, honestly, not all of them are my favorite people...not Leo, even though I love his always-oh-so-serious face. I love Ryan Gosling though. He's my favorite. Michael Fassbender has also been pretty hot and showing off his sexy self recently (for some reason I really like his name..). But sadly, there's always a group of snubbed people that deserve some silent (or perhaps major) weeping on their side. Leo in J Edgar, Gosling in The Ides of March/Drive/Crazy Stupid Love (AHHHHHH!!!!), and Fassbender in Shame. They all delivered excellent performances in these perspective movies and they all deserved a little something.

Also, another disappointment is that Harry Potter only got the "tech" nominations once again. But this is the last and obviously BEST Harry Potter movie ever! I would've been happy if it was nominated for best picture or at least some other important awards unlike, Best Makeup (wait what makeup? I thought they just smeared mud on their faces...especially Harry). This random Jonah Hill guy on Moneyball got nom-ed for Best Supporting Actor but NOT Alan Rickman for Severus Snape? What is this madness? Snape has been awesome for all 8 movies...

Third weird thing: Tintin won at GG but didn't get nominated for Best Animated Film...-.- WTH? But now I put my faith in Kung Fu Panda 2...

Move on to happy things. I was pretty happy with Best Actress noms. All of them are the ones that I had in mind. I'm very excited that Rooney Mara got nom-ed for her role in Dragon Tattoo! I loved her performance. So intense but with a touch of tenderness. I was also happy for these three good ol' guys to get nom-ed for Best Actor - George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Gary Oldman! Props to Oldman because this is his first Oscar nom everrrr after all these years. He's the best.

Anyway. Now I would like to say my picks for the "important" awards.
Best Picture - I honestly can't tell because I haven't seen any of these films (WHAT). LMAO. Yeah I know.
Best Director - same as above. But I think it's Martin's year again, not that Hugo will win Best Picture...but this old man is awesome.
Best Actor - Gary Oldman. I think you've heard that in my tone above. He's the most snubbed guy in the history of the universe. He deserves one after all these amazing performances in Leon The Professional, Dracula, Batman movies, Harry Potter movies, and all the old roles he had.
Best Actress - I wanted to say Rooney, but she's so new. She was amazing but so were these other actresses. Meryl Streep has way too many Oscars. So I think it's Michelle's year. Her performance as Marilyn Monroe was fantastic. She's also one of my favorite actresses in dramatic movies as I have mentioned before in my posts. She has had two Oscar nominations before this one and I think this is her year. It's kinda like Natalie Portman in Black Swan last year, don't you think?
Best Supporting Actor - LOL I've never heard of these people except maybe Kenneth Branagh. But it's probably not him. So, no clue.
Best Supporting Actress - I wanted to say Octavia Spencer from The Help. But Oscars is not gonna be the same in every category as GG. So I'll say Jessica Chastain for the same movie. She could've also gotten nominated for The Tree Of Life. So I hope it's her year. :)
Best Animated Feature - Kung Fu Panda 2. But Rango is coming strong as well.
Additionally, I wish good luck to Transformers to win Best Visual Effects. I know the movie is so crappy. But the visual effects are so good. I wish I had seen it in 3D. LOL And Harry Potter for Best mud-smeared face aka Makeup. Albert Nobbs will probably win though because they made Glenn Close a man. (It's not like she's not already manly enough...) And Jane Eyre for Costume Design. Art Direction's probably between The Artist or Midnight in Paris. Cinematography, Best Writing (original/adapted), and Film Editing are all tough ones that require my further examination. Oh, and I hope Woody Allen win something.

BUT. I will, I promise, see The Artist, The Descendents, Moneyball, The Help, Midnight In Paris, and Hugo before the award show if they become available online, and write a better prediction.

So then the day started...Econ was the same. But I HATE whenever people don't pass on the roll or pass it in the wrong direction and then a majority of people don't get to sign the roll before class ends. Then everyone has to go and sign at the same time and it takes forever. Who does that??? How high does your IQ have to be to pass on the roll in the correct direction? I wonder how these people get into college...

I went to the gym as usual after econ. The Napoleon Dynamite pilot was pretty funny. I enjoyed it. I believe its the same people voicing the roles? You should try them out since they are free on iTunes now! I chose the "weightloss" option as the program on the bike but it wasn't even as intense as what I would manually do normally. Next time I think I'll try "performance". 

I went to psych with my sugar free small Red Bull as usual. I honestly can't survive that class without an energy drink. The soothing voice of the professor...*Sigh* But we actually did legit stuff today, not like some crazy philosophy or mindboggling stuff that we had...

Then come the crazy part of the day. So I got back to my dorm and was calling my mom on gmail. It went well and all at first. And then, my Internet disconnected. I thought it was just another bad connection. But NOPE. It just went off forever. Just like that. Bamm. I couldn't get on so I was thinking, maybe I could actually not get distracted and finish my math homework, while try restarting my computer to see if that helps. Again, NOPPPPE. This time it doesn't even show the USC student/guest wifi at all. USC Internet fail #2. After like half an hour, with no Internet connection or cell reception in my room. I survived the Internet apocalypse. Internet went back up again later I guess. But USC gotta stop doing this to freak me out. My day was pretty much ruined at that point. First world problems.

I went to the housing thing at Patterson before dinner to ask if my application was submitted correctly because it's been acting weird online. Yep. That guy told me that mine was submitted successfully at 3:55 PM yesterday. WHEN I WAS TAKING A NAP. And, I actually submitted it on like, the 9th. Both Jennifer and I also got this Kung Pao chicken pasta for dinner at Pandini's! It's not real Chinese food and is not the best fake Chinese food that I've had but, it's some healthy decent food!

Yup. That's my day. 

PS. Couture show stuffs coming up!

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