Saturday, March 17, 2012

So I was going through The Sartorialist's archive so I can help contribute a few ideas by sending in my own "photo combinations" to him for The Sartorialist II book. So here are the two that I came up with:

The Sartorialist is the best!!! It's a fashion must-read and I'm contemplating on getting the first book. It's definitely my favorite street fashion source and I hope y'all like it too. Lots of originality there. :)

Also, Haley Reinhart followed me on Twitter yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited I'm already telling the world about this. AHHHH!!!!! Imagine the day when I meet Lady Gaga. ;)

Haley's new single (below) will be released next Tuesday! And her full album will come out in May. :) Enjoy!

Haley Reinhart - Free by Interscope Records

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