Wednesday, January 29, 2014

From one addict to another...wait for the sales! But you have to check out this link-saturated goodness...

Snowday!!!! I slept early last night so I could wake up early this morning and take some snowpocalypse shots sans people. For all who don't know, I live in Southern United States and snow is a rarity and we cancel school whenever there's a small almost-hypothetical CHANCE of possibility of a probable single snowflake. It was supposed to start snowing yesterday 12 PM, so the entire yesterday was canceled. But snow wasn't here until last night at about 9. Thus, more snow-days ensued. I'm guessing, since the high is just above the temperature of water solidifying before hell freezes all over again this afternoon, and evening, and night...we might get some delay tomorrow morning? The moral of the story is, you can always count on the unprepared southern states for some lovely in-bed computing mornings.

Of course, the next thing I did after taking some snapshots, was to get on J.Crew's site, because today is when February new arrivals...arrive! I received my Feb. style guide yesterday and added some favorites to my board/door/collage of J.Crew obsession (see above). Now, allow me to explain...

lightweight merino v-neck sweater, french-print popover, thompson blazer, campbell capri, collection satin-stripe blouse, merino tipped side-panel v-neck sweater

I love lightweight merino v-necks! It's totally "my style" because it's a slightly loose/relaxed fit with a decent-sized v-neck (not very conservative I would say), and it's very very thin ("lightweight"...duh). My favorite colors of this piece are heather shell (light muted pink), modern red (a perfect shade of warm-toned red), and dusty stone (grey-tinted slightest lavender), which are all on sale for a lot less. (Honestly, who buys these full priced stuff?!) But this month, they brought out a new shade called "flannel". To me, it looks like a dark grey with a steel spin. Can't wait to see it in person!

I don't really need more printed shirts/popovers (which are half-way buttoned shirts at J.Crew if you can't tell), but this French print is really cute.

Thompson blazer!! J.Crew has some great-fitting blazers. I loved the navy schoolboys (on sale! and wool flannel version on sale here) but I'm not one that wears blazers to school so I never bought any. Thompson blazer is designed for warmer weather (cotton not wool) and has a long silhouette which I love, because short blazers make me look even shorter and square. I really want to try this on in store. It even looks appropriate for interview-times come this fall. It is lined with polyester so I just have to deal with it. (My skin doesn't do well with polyester fabrics.)

Campbell capri is their new spring capri I guess. I love that it is not lined so I don't have to deal with...what I mentioned above. Recently I'm digging good-fitting capris/ankle-lengths for a sleek look. I would take these in regular (27 inches) instead of petite though. The petites are 24 inches, which is REALLY short like mid-calf short. Oh, and go with navy.

One thing that I will not buy is this collection stripe shirt...because it's probably gonna stay $100+ before it's sold out. But I'm so glad to see vertical stripes I'm about to do a happy dance. A nice vertical stripe is like chic-central and such a rarity in conventional brands. It could be really chic pairing with a menswear-inspired coat/blazer, or with a wrap skirt of sorts. It just reminds me of Altuzarra and Dries I'm pretty much ecstatic.

This side-panel sweater has actually been available for a month but it finally made it to the style guide. I tried this on in store and it's SO CHIC. It's an amazing basic piece and I will definitely try to get my hands on it whenever they decide to do a full-price promotion. It's a really loose fit and doesn't have shoulder seams, so I advice size-down. Lilac navy looks great on me and I think the other colors are amazing as well.

Other pieces I liked are this beach cover-up in ivory blue (how gorgeous is that embroidery?!) and this flowy skirt (boo why are you made out of my worst enemy?!).

J.Crew also has a new denim style apparently. It's called stretch-something. I cringe whenever I see stretch in a denim's name though. Since I automatically link stretch to pull-pants-up-once-every-10-minutes and not-slimming. So, proceed with caution guys.

blakely shimmer linen pumps, collection blakely summer stripe pumps, lucie printed leather slingback flats, deco arrowhead pendant necklace, embroidered-trim printed scarf, new balance for j crew 620 sneakers

On to the accessories. I'm usually not a fan of chunky heels, but these two are simply stunning. I can't pick a favorite. It's pretty much trying to pick between simple with a twist and full-on fabulous. It just depends on the mood. I really really hope people don't like them so they can go on sale ha. Here's another pair of pumps with pretty pink/orange stitching.

I actually can't wear slingbacks for comfort reasons. Yet J.Crew decided it would be fun to watch me lusting over them and unable to wear, as they released another pretty pair earlier this year (in grape natural), Fine I'll just admire them. The same porcelain-esque print is on this pair of pumps though.

Talking about comfort...I COULD get some new balance sneakers. Sneakers in formal-dressing is very "in" right now (has been for a couple of seasons) and it's brought to a new height because of their presence in Dior and Chanel couture shows last week. I love these in a couple of colors.

That "arrowhead" pendant that looks like an eye is really cool. You can check out more stunning (and more opulent) J.Crew jewelries here. And more scarves here and here.

Have you seen the new arrivals? What do you think?

*check out some very fabulous Collection pieces here.
*one thing I forgot to mention was that I LOVE the "faille" fabric bridesmaid dresses. Pri said this kind of stuff is totally "your style". I agree. I love the clean look a whole lot. In the first collage you can see in the top middle I had two bridesmaids in two knee-length dresses. I believe they're wearing Kami and Maisie both in harbor cove. I don't know if you can tell, but I drew a belt for the lady on the right because it looks kinda awk without one.


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