Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This is my busy Thanksgiving break.

I have a lot to do. Science Fair first and second milestone is due right after the break. I need to write my YIG speech. I need to do make-up work for Chemistry and Calculus. I need to do Physics Homefun cuz the test is coming. I need to start thinking about a new OO topic and what to do for Econ project. And right now, I am reading Wuthering Heights for English.

Life is wonderful. I always need something to keep myself busy. So I don't have to procrastinate all the time and then get nothing done. Winter hath come. *btw I love to use those ancient words cuz I never heard of them when I was learning English back there.* I used to be very lazy in winter. But this time...it's quite different, huh? I need to work on lots of stuff but I'm happy about it.

I got up really late this thanksgiving-break morning. My room was cold. It even made me more fatigue and didn't want to get up. So I spent the time before lunch reading Wuthering Heights on my bed. I still have a hard time reading without Sparknotes. I have to check Sparknotes online to make sure I understand everything in the first few chapters. But I am loads better now. I still remembered I need my dad sitting with me to read Biology text book at the beginning of my freshman year. It was a hard time. And we were reading Edgar Allan Poe in English, too. Oh my god, that was hard. I spent hours to read those beautiful articles and poems but still couldn't understand most of it. Translator wouldn't help either. Because when I can understand all the words, I still don't get the sentense. But later in October, I was able to read Bio without dad's help, which was great. :)

Life is always great. Now I can read Twilight in my Calculus class. *but it is really sad that Ms. Barrett moved me to the front so i am not able to read in class any more. :(* I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in English. I am not afraid of talking on the phone. I feel more comfortable writing blog posts in English not Chinese. (cuz it takes such a long time to look for the characters you want.)

But sometimes I still miss the life back there. I could write beautiful poems without looking up the characters. But now I think I've lost that ability. I was a more complex personelle than I am now. I thought about everything more than I should. But now the world around me is more simple. It is more warm. I feel more love. But still, I love to think. Sometimes I just feel I have become more stupid than ever. But simple is happy. I believe you can live a longer life when you spend more time being happy.


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