Thursday, November 27, 2008

Winter. Thanksgiving. Pictures.
My headphones broke at the right time - I bought my ipod last Thanksgiving in Chicago. And now it is asking me to buy a new pair. My parents don't want me to ask for some pricey gifts for thanksgiving. And it is combined with Christmas gift. I am used to that though. Life is simple and quiet like water. Thanksgiving is just a small highlight among millions of others.
I am going to Charleston this weekend. I never saw the Atlantic Ocean before. So it's gotta be exciting. Plus this is during the thanksgiving weekend. I will take a lot of pictures and enjoy life with some homework. xD But anyways. =]
I'm going to some Shanghai-nese's house to eat turkey tonight. Hopefully it'll be fun. And I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving + nice shopping time on black Friday tomorrow. =]


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