Friday, November 28, 2008

Interesting. I didn't go shopping today.

So what did I do?

I got up at 11:30 - when most of my friends were having heavy shopping bags in their hands. Then I continued on reading Wuthering Heights. It is not a very boring book, but not a happy or exciting one either. And gladly, my friend Gary and several others chatted with me over AIM. And then I combined my breakfast and lunch ensemble - not a very successful one. I ate two big pieces of cheesecake and could not eat any more lunch. And I started reading Wuthering Heights again, and at the same time deciding when to start doing Science Fair. I hate Science Fair with a passion. I am always able to do something successfully when I have the desire to do it. But for Science Fair, uh uh...I have absolutely no intention to do it. :( That's why I only got hardly half page done by the end of the day. And later I successfully replaced the ugly G/B or whatever it says about blogspot icon by my own picture. I followed the instructions on that website which Oryza gave me. And I felt quite productive. And then I started reading Wuthering Heights again. It's written like 200 years ago. Although it is a romance book, it's not romantic any more. I sometimes have to constantly look up some words in my translator in order to keep myself reading it. It's not some easy book like Twilight so I can read it in my Calculus class for entertaining myself. And at last - about dinner time - I finalement started writing my Science Fair hypothesis.

So what have I achieved?

I read about some 30 pages of Wuthering Heights, replaced the icon, wrote half page of sci fair, and did some procrastination. Procrastinating is fun and painful for a student like me. From time to time I get on facebook to check if I got any new notifications; then here to see if I received any new comments; then check AIM to see who's on; etc. etc...And finally I ended up organizing my dad's hotmail. :\

Anything fun?

Yeah. I believe there were some. I founded out that we are staying at Marriott this time at YIG. And I talked to Gary - he's a really fun friend especially when you got nothing to do and wanted to procrastinate. And I talked to Blee about our YIG speech. And then Lekendre called me about something very interesting. (But very unfortunately he got off AIM so I couldn't tell him something that I think is very fun. but anyways!) And now I'm calling my gran, but it's very annoying that the noise skype makes when the others do not answer your call.

Anything special?

Well yeah. I found something very exciting at the bottom of my heart. And I hope I will be able to tell somebody about it soon. :)

Anything really cool enough to mention on my blog?

Umm, well...I'm packing for Charleston, so I hope I can write a better blog post tomorrow.


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