Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Guess what? This is my new Original Oratory topic.

Just kidding!

Talking about OO, I can't wait til Myers Park! I still don't know if I'm going though. Because I have whole loads of stuff to do over the Christmas break.

Kay. Kay. Stop those non-sense about an IB kid's no-life. There are three things that I'm addicted to: internet, busy work, and other people's life. Internet gave me so much in my life. I cant't stand a life without AIM. First of all, I use AIM to talk to friends when I'm bored. My parents don't let me text. So - there we go - AIMing. Then, I do group studying on AIM. I have some good friends and nice kids using AIM so we can study together before tests. And facebook was my favorite before I started using AIM. Facebooking is so much fun. =] Especially when you meet some people somewhere else, and you forgot to ask them their contact info, you add them on facebook. Here I will show a giganic THANK YOU to Mark Zuckerberg. And I love google. Gmail is my favorite mail box since I came to United States. It is so convenient and doesn't crash my computer at all.

Yeah, I always need work to keep me busy. I am writing this blog and procrastinating today because I don't have much work to do. I mean, not as much as 'the best times'. I will always be a super hard worker if I really have stuff to do. =] My empleyer will be so fond of me. =]

And I'm addicted to other people's life. I always think that's essential for one's life. I mean, I'm not live ON other people, but live WITH people. Other people always can provide you a lot of convenience. Especially when you parents are going to yell at you, you have people to talk to and be happy still.

I don't think I have much to say about 'Addicted' if it's my OO topic. HA!


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