Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's the end of the year...let's sum it up.

umm...basically i'm satisfied on what i achieved in school:
  • i got 5 As and 2 Bs (in ap comp sci and english i think?) at the end of the year in my classes while I got all As in my last quarter.
  • i ranked 12 in my class in my first year in united states.
  • i got a 4 in my AP exam.
  • i am taking 3 APs this year.
  • i have all As in those classes atm. :)
  • and i started doing Original Oratory at the end of the year.
  • i got a 1st in one of my rounds in my first tournament at mauldin high
  • i got 9th out of 22 ppl in my second tournament in asheville
  • i got 2 gold medals in clemson dec

other than those countable achievements, i made more friends - especially those freshies haha they are so cute! <---from talking to those freshies and FORENSICS. haha.

it feels good to be a sophomore. cuz finally you are not the youngest in the school. lulz. and this year's freshman are so nice. :) they all talk to me and...i just feel good to be a sophomore. haha. and i am looking forward to having stats class next year with some of them. :D and there are juniors and seniors older than us so we are not the 'oldest'. i have many classes with the juniors and those are fun too. :D I LOVE YOU JUNIORS. :D

and forensics is like one of the biggest thing in my life now. :) it is so much fun! :D you get to hang out with friends between rounds. and then it's so fun to achieve something in every round even every single minute in the tournaments. :) and practising before the tournaments is fun too. everyone gets very excited and works so hard. :) i love our team haha. WHOOHOO GO SHS!


life is ok. i dont think it improves a lot but at least my english improves a little bit right? and i socialized a bit more and that makes me happy too. :)

and i got a husband! i love my husband...tehe. :) he's such a nice freshman and i believe he loves me too. :PP and i got a wife too. <-- lmao if you dont know who that is, it's that amazing oryza astari girl. i guess we had an affair while doing oo together. lol idk. :PP

and i am using internet to study now. :PP apparently my mom doesnt like it but it helps me a lot. ;) i use aim to do groupwork with friends before tests and due dates. :P

and i got my permit. haha shouldnt forget that. driving is fun. :)

i guess that's it? i think i love 2008...so 2009 here we go......

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