Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I just realized I haven't written any blog post since riverside tournament. So it's time for writing a new one.

My brain felt deadly blank about blogging for the past few weeks. I guess it's just too noisy inside, too much thinking about both useful and useless stuff. I would curled myself on the little couch and gaming on iminlikewithyou for 2 hours just to get one level up. And once I also felt full of accomplishment after getting all the javadox done for my science fair write up at 5:00 o'clock in the morning [IN BED!]. lawlz. That was awful. But I DID do it in my bed because I don't want to wake my dear mom downstairs. And the night before States I was working on my oratory for districts until 3:00 and both Reina and Gary were like AIM-ing me "Go to sleep". But I don't regret any of those time.

Arghh...and I passed out last Wednesday night so I skipped Thursday morning to do my calc ratio test hw. What a good IB kid!

I was seriously lack of sleep for a long time. And magically I got all of them made up last week. But apparently this week is another non-sleeping week. But I'll get used to it eventually, I believe. I'm just a sophomore. Next year will be more fun, right?

It snowed, very heavily. I remember I was doing my computer science project and I suddenly saw really heavy snow out of my windows. And I shouted that to Amit who lives in Greer. And half an hour later, it snowed over there, too. And then 3 days later, we were finally able to go to school again. I definately did not miss school at all. I was in a dreadful time with my dear computer science project. The thought of it almost killed me once appeared in my mind. But aren't we all proud of ourselves for staying up late and working on stuff that we liked and would like to get it done? I'm not that in love with computer science unlike the other four people in my class. But I'm still a good programmer, I think. I like to write a little program which could do something that is fun. And I found it's a lot easier to program once I got this huge more-than-3000-line program working. So I am looking for a summer internship of programming little applications for companies or websites. But unfortunately I don't think I found anyone who wants ME to contribute a bit of my brain cells...and get paid back. But I'm still looking, one should never give up what they want, right?

One of the main reasons for lack-of-sleep of this week, if my dear love forensics. I got so excited for districts before and a few days after States. But...I got scared and jumped backwards this week when I heard how it is going to work. I just don't feel like retelling it again. But it is really, really scary. But States was a pretty amazing experience for me. =] I'm glad I got into semi's + SOUTHSIDE IS THE STATE CHAMPION!!! I am so proud of us all. =]

WATCHMEN. I loved that movie. So intense. Who watches the watchmen? No one is perfect. And don't expect superheroes are going to save you. There's no ideal things in democracy, or, in the world. Watchmen need people to watch 'em, too.

*Sigh*...my brain is still deadly blank for blogging. I was talking to a friend while practising for oratory on Monday afternoon, and she told me she just loves writing English essays. But I, just always have no desire to write what so ever. Since I came to United States, I totally lost my desire of writing. Now I really want to know how I could write such beautiful poems when I was back in Suzhou. I could always write beautiful poems/ballads/sonnets/essays, although I always need to think about it for a while. But now I'm too busy with life instead of those meaningful and enjoyable moments. One live a life, not just on one's life, but one should work on the little details. I don't know why I changed. I am more like a science-loving person. I mean, I am just not good at humanity, although my feeling still changes and is still alive. It got frozen and drawn into the deepest part of my body, and apparently, was never going to wake up.

Isn't it a good time for change?

But I'm just not ready
For, Anything.

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