Saturday, February 21, 2009

I went 5-4-1-3 at my first tournament at Mauldin. It was a quite pleasant experience. I was really nervous in my first round tho. I met so many great orators in that round, such as Ebner, Emma, and Jackie. I was like...omg how could I ever place? And I was so amazed that I got a 3st in my third round. Haha. *I met that amazing judge who gave me a 1st at Southside tournament! I was in his impromptu room=]* What an interesting start. =]

In the same month, I went to Ashville. That was a really big tournament. I remember it was really cold up there. I did a lot better than my first time, too. I think I went 2-2-3-3. And I got 9th out of 22 competitors. And that's the only time I think I got fair judges so far. *psh...sc judges suck =P* And my fellow orator Nia was 7th. =[ But overall all Southsiders did a good job. =]

Then last week, after like 2 months, I went to my third tournament at TL Hanna. My ballots were so freaking stupid and that's the worst tournament I've ever been to. But I did have some good times tho. I went 5-2-1-3. And I got 9th. *I still think I at least got a 8th tho. that schoolfield kid couldn't have beat me. he's like the worst orator ive ever seen. =P* And I liked that 2nd and 1st. Haha. But the 5th and 3rd were so UNFAIR. Meh...

Today at 8 o-clock in the morning, I arrived at Riverside High for the first time in my life. There was sunshine and I went inside the building from the back door. Haha. I found our Southside forensicators and sit with them. Almost all the debators were doing dist. congress tho. And our dear coach gfan was doing congress too. We felt placing because we had less competitions AND our pieces got better. We had fun taking pictures and playing around between rounds. I got braces last week so it was kinda hard for me to talk/give a speech. But I did feel like placing before the award ceremony. And of course, Southside OWNED the tournament. =]]] I placed 5th in Original Oratory for Southside. I was soooo proud when I went up there. Mr coach hugged us and himself did really well in disc. congress. I always imagined to stand on the stage and get my own trophy. And I got it today, w/ my friend braces. We both worked hard.

Arhhh...I still didn't give a perfect speech. Hopefully I will do better at JL Mann next weekend.


yay shs orators: oryza, reina, and me =]

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