Friday, May 22, 2009

Why did I buy the 4GB ipod?

My ipod is full today after my friend sent me all the songs I wanted for a long time. Jay Chou is finally not my artist-with-the-most-songs on my ipod. =] Eminem just took over and DBSK just went [hooch] passing by Jay Chou's songs as well.

18 days until I go back to China! =D I can't believe time passed by so fast. :) Now I got a little white board in my room and I wrote all those 'important' things on there, such as how many days til I go back. And I also put the picture of me and my classmates in middle school on there. =] I miss them very much...so, I'm gotta be busy as hell from now on! I'm going shopping all weekend starts tomorrow to buy stuff for my old friends. =] Since APs are over I don't have to worry about anything any more. Finals are going to be so easy. =]]

YAY KRIS WON AMERICAN IDOL!!!! =D Everyone please listen to Kris Allen's songs in my player on the right.

I have to mention that DBSK is not gay, guys. Thanks to plastic sergeries.

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