Monday, May 18, 2009

My eyes got tired watching movies today. Fun.

Blades of Glory
Mean Girls
Quantum of Solace

I totally don't get the difference between "good" movies and "bad" movies. They are all attractive to me. Haha.

And I discovered this omegle thing which is pretty cool. I met a Norwegian and a Korean later this afternoon.

Why is azn government so care about swine flu?

I <3>

I really enjoy dbsk's dance all the time. They are just hawt like that. Hero Jaejoong is always my fav. U-Know Yunho is awesome, too. =]

After talking to Alice, I feel like talking to the world. ;)

Whatever, I just wasted the whole post. But three things very important:

1. Make sure to check out Eminem's Beautiful. That song's fabulous.

2. There are only 22 days until I go back to China.


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