Tuesday, May 24, 2011

At last.

These are the random stuffs that I wanted to blog accumulated since yesterday. :P (Ah how I find blogging daily so necessary.)

Firstly, here's the gift my dad got me in Paris! Ah how pretty these letters are!

Little pandas on the bottom of 'L'

The first 'E' and the last 'N'

So cute :3

Next up, here's the outfit that I really like on the ad I got from Express today! Look at those beautiful flares <3 <3 <3 I dig the hat too.

Then, here's the Jason Mraz shirt I received in the mail today (ordered for a friend)!

Lastly but definitely not least! LADY GAGA ON SNL SEASON FINALE! Laugh your butts off peoplez.

Btw, JT is hot as always.
Good night!

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