Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just in time for another post today. :P I was thinking, why not post another one since today was supposed to be the end of the world? Rapture failed to roll but I felt pretty good capturing some pictures for the little/fat bunny that has been visiting our backyard recently. My mom has seen it when it was really tiny this spring. (I saw it once too, and it was MUCH CUTER THAN NOW.)

With my mommy in the back

The back....awww!

BTW, here's some pictures I took of the flowers on the bordering line between our house and our neighbors'.

And here, is the red bird (cardinal according to Steph) that looks like the red one in Angry Birds! I haven't gotten a chance to take a closer/facing-me picture of it yet. (Click on the picture so you can see it better if you wish.)

And here are two pictures taken by my mom using my camera (lolz she never exported them so I found them while uploading other pictures hahaha. :P) Claim: it's not my dog but she's adorable!

That's all the pictures. :))

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