Saturday, May 21, 2011

Today's song:

Sweet And Low - Augustana

Augustana is pretty awesome. Another one of my fav rock bands. :) They are more pop-ish sometimes than many other rock bands (like this song!).

So I got all Haley's songs on American Idol today. :D Pretty awesome. I've posted her songs for my songs of the day so I prolly won't post another one. But I definitely can't wait until her debut album comes out! Hope it's not gonna be some generic pop stuff. But she has such a unique voice on Idol. So let's hope she finds the style that suits her best. :) BLUUUUUEEEEE~

I finally got the Burt's Bees stuff for my friends! :) My mom bought some packaged ones for hers so I can take them back for her. :)

And I just realized it's 4 months before my 19th Birthday! :D Lolz. Happy 18.6667th Bday today then. :P *random*

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